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Cadillac CT4 & CT5

Cadillac CT4 & CT5 – A New Philosophy

The new Cadillac CT4 & CT5 have been teased, but is the new philosophy enough to save Cadillac? It’s no secret that the company has been sort of lost as of late. Recently, they...

2020 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln – Almost Worth The Money

For a while now I’ve had my eyes on Lincoln as they have made a phenomenal turnaround in terms of their products. The new Lincoln Continental and Navigator are no doubt beautiful, both inside...

Audi S8 Plus

The Audi S8 Plus Versus Everything

When it comes to prize fighters the Audi S8 Plus will hold its own with almost anything on the road. It’s a heavy-weight luxury sedan that will knock the wind out of you with...