About AutoPaladin

About AutoPaladin

We’re here to help.

AutoPaladin is your source for entertaining, unfiltered reviews of vehicles paired with clear, actionable advice on how to make the best possible purchase when you go to buy your next vehicle.

We love all things automotive, and we want to inspire that same passion in you…

And if you already have that passion, we want to set it on fire.

We believe in honesty and transparency when it comes to car reviews and automotive advice (and we believe a little humor along the way is good for the soul).

We believe the car-buying process shouldn’t be a gigantic pain in the ass, that you should be able to walk into any dealership confidently armed with the facts about the vehicle you own and the vehicle you’re interested in.

We believe that useful, actionable advice and guides can help you have a stress-free purchasing experience, and we believe the best way to deliver that to you is on this website.

We believe you should tell manufacturers what you want (instead of just settling for what’s there).

We believe you shouldn’t dread buying a car. That the idea of getting a new vehicle should thrill you.

We believe you should demand more from dealerships, that you should be able to spot their BS cons and scare tactics, that you should have the knowledge you need to courageously call them out, and we believe we can provide you with that knowledge.

We believe the automotive industry is like a mature fitness industry, with a bunch of people who test cars on tracks under pristine conditions and not in the real world (where it really counts) — we are just bold enough to believe we can change that.

We believe that the modern car-buying sucks — we believe that we can change that together.

We believe that you shouldn’t just be happy about your vehicle — be believe it should excite you.

We believe this website can make it possible.

But most of all, we believe in you, the driver who knows there should be more to all of this, who feels the thrill but needs more to take it to the place they want to be, who feels an emptiness around the car-buying, car-driving process and wants to see it filled, who feels a passion for driving and just needs that spark to bring it all together.

We’re brazen enough to believe that we are that spark. Join us on this journey. Let us walk by your side, protect you from the bullshit of the modern car industry, and help you find a world of driving that you never thought existed.

Let us be your Auto Paladin, your protector, your light in the dark.

Join us on the blog — we’ll see you there, fellow adventurer.

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